Publication Process

The International Journal for Dispute Resolution follows a quick & timely publication process wherein the whole publication process from submitting a manuscript by an author to publishing and issuing certificates of publication takes up to a maximum of 7 working days*.

The Detailed Publication Process is as follows:

  1.  The author(s) can submit their manuscript(s) through the submission form given here. 
  2. Once the submission is received an acknowledgment mail with the Manuscript ID is sent to the author(s).
  3. After this the manuscript is sent to our reviewers, (Not to Editorial Board Members), who review the manuscript.  (Read more about our review process here).
  4. If, the manuscript is selected the author/s is/are notified through a confirmation mail regarding the selection of their manuscripts.
  5. A Manuscript Processing Fee is required to be paid by the authors once their manuscript is selected for publication.
    I.   INR 500/- (Single Authored Manuscript)
    II. INR 800/- (Co-Authored Manuscript)
  6. After the successful payment of the processing fee, the research paper/manuscript is published.
  7. The authors are given the soft copy of their publication certificate via mail.

*The process may take more than the expected time.