About us

The International Journal for Dispute Resolution [2583-8989] is a quarterly published online journal that promotes research in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution systems as an integrated subject.

Our Aim

 We aim to make it an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and outstanding research material in the field of ADRs among students, Research Scholars, Practitioners, and Academicians.

Submissions and Word limit

Long Articles (3000-8000 words)

Submissions in this area are required to engage with a specific topic’s theme and literature in-depth. The article must review the state of the art in the field and provide inventive reevaluations as well as constructive ideas. In this category, theoretical articles are also welcome.

Essay/Short Notes (1200-3500 words)

Essays and short articles have a more concentrated scope, are more narrowly focused on a single problem, and present fresh viewpoints and insightful analysis on the chosen subject. They present arguments that are easily recognized and could offer various conceptual frameworks for the chosen problem.

Case Briefs and Legislative Comments (1200-3500 words)

This category is for the evaluation of any recent judicial decision, piece of legislation, or proposed modification to government policy. The line of cases in which the decision appears must be traced in the notes and comments, and they must discuss how the decision may affect the development of that area of law. Similar to this, a legislative comment or policy proposal must specify the purpose and anticipated effects of the foregoing legislative action/policy proposal.

Certificate of Excellence

The top authors in each issue are provided with a Certificate of Excellence along with other prizes.


The final publication is done within 1-3 working days. Our team guides authors and redresses their queries throughout the publication process.

Internship Opportunities

The top authors in each issue are provided with INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY with the publication house.


The subject matter of the journal revolves around the arena of the Alternative Dispute Resolution system. Providing a focused approach to take a step forward.

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